Elevate YOUR Game as a CEOIQ Peer Group Member!

Being a CEOIQ Peer Advisory Group Member is a commitment of time and energy on your part. You’ll bring your lifelong learning orientation, your own skills, knowledge and experiences into a confidential environment. There, you’ll have the opportunity to work with your peers every month to be a better leader, a more effective CEO and enhance the value of your business.

Here you’ll learn more about the value you’ll get from the CEOIQ® Peer Advisory Group Experience.

Every Group Member is on a journey to build business value and be the best leader he or she can be.

That’s our ARETE Vision.

CEOIQ Peer Advisory Group Members get value and growth opportunities from every component of the CEOIQ® Experience. The monthly Group Meetings are opportunities to learn from and support each other in their individual Journeys of Arete. Subject Matter Expert Speakers contribute outside knowledge and learning opportunities. And, monthly one-to-one executive coaching sessions give each member an opportunity to spend quality time with Ben, focusing on individual agendas, applying learnings from group meetings.

In nearly 20 years that Ben Griffin has served as a Peer Advisory Group Facilitator, he has passionately supported entrepreneurs and owners in building enterprise value and completing successful buy and sell transactions. Since 2001, our over a dozen of our Peer Group Members have completed transactions with an approximate total value of $500 million. If an exit strategy Is in your future as an entrepreneur, being a CEOIQ Peer Group Member is an invaluable resource!

Find out how being a CEOIQ Peer Group Member can support you on your personal Journey of Arete!

7 Ways You’ll Benefit from CEOIQ® Peer Group Membership!

  • Receive and give advice with other successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.
  • Be part of the ‘cycle of collaboration’ among group members as you work together to solve problems and attack each other’s biggest challenges in an agenda-free gathering of peers.
  • Get professional facilitation and executive coaching to super-charge your improvement.
  • Peer driven accountability from your fellow members.
  • Get ‘no-hold-barred’ advice in a confidential environment of ‘Carefrontation’.
  • Stop being “Lonely At The Top” by interacting with other CEO’s in a focused environment, leveraging each other’s experience and expertise.
  • Become a better leader with continuous learning and development in a group setting.

CEOIQ Chief Executive RoundTable “Group Profile”

  • Safe, confidential environment with no competitors from your industry or profession.
  • Businesses from $10 – $100mm in revenue, all driving to grow responsibly.
  • Monthly Group Meeting, chaired by experienced professional facilitator
  • Monthly Confidential Executive Coaching with Group Chair
  • Expert Resource Speakers bring fresh ideas and inputs about 6 times a year.

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