Heroes and Sidekicks: Leadership Lessons with Ned Frey

A great friend and mentor, Ned Frey came to the CEOIQ video studio to shoot this video introducing his Heroes and Sidekicks program and his new book.

I’m posting this on the CEOIQ Blog as a ‘Memorial’ to Ned. He passed away in 2016, very suddenly and unexpectedly. A great light of our generation blinked out with Ned’s passing. He was someone who cared deeply about his friends, colleagues and clients.

Those of us in an informal group called “Millennium One”, who met Ned at a training program we were in together, remember him fondly. So, this is a CEOIQ and Ben Griffin Memorial for Ned Frey. And while the links to Ned’s website (mentioned in the video) are no longer available, his sage counsel and advice lives on. We’ll always remember you, Ned!