Success Stories

CEOIQ Members… they come in all ‘shapes and sizes’, they run companies, and have significant stakes in the outcomes of their decisions and leadership. They are in service and manufacturing businesses that are national and international in scope. The companies they represent run from under $5 million to nearly $2 billion in revenue. And, they have one thing in common…

They all get tremendous value from their CEOIQ Membership!

Jeanette Partlow Named NACD’s 2014 Distributor of the Year

Jeanette Partlow

The National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) named Jeanette Glose Partlow, president of Maryland Chemical Company, Inc., the 2014 Distributor of the Year. Individuals selected to receive this award demonstrate outstanding commitment to the chemical distribution community, working steadfastly on behalf of the whole industry and NACD.

Ms. Partlow received her award this morning during the Business Meeting at NACD’s 43rd Annual Meeting, the premier chemical distribution industry event of the year. She was commended for dedicating a lifetime to NACD, its committees, programs, events and colleagues for the betterment of the chemical distribution industry. Among her accomplishments as an NACD member, Jeanette supported the early days of the Chemical Educational Foundation and served on the committee that coined the phrase “You Be the Chemist” in 1996, now a highly successful set of programs designed to enhance K-8 science education by introducing the central role of chemistry in all the sciences and in our everyday lives.

In presenting the award, Bill Fidler, Managing Member of Brenntag A.G., and the 2013 Distributor of the Year, praised Jeanette for decades of service to NACD. He remarked, “Jeanette generously gives her time, both business and personal, and that of her company. Her efforts to spread the message about our industry, and its programs, and her ability to build connections with peers have been remarkable. Jeanette leads by example, with determination, enthusiasm, and always a smile. It is an honor to present her with this award today.”

“Dedicated to growing and protecting the assets of our Clients”
You’ll notice that it does not say anything about the ‘what’ of the organization. And, it says everything about why PSA is so successful.

Jeanette was appointed President of Maryland Chemical in 1999. Under Jeanette’s leadership, the company became a certified Women-Owned Organization in 2005, and gained the prestigious WBENC Certification in 2012. She currently sits on NACD’s Regulatory Affairs Committee and was named a Director at Large to NACD’s Board of Directors today as well.

PSA Financial Services

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Chip Lewis often tells the story of ‘following in his fathers’ footsteps’ and selling insurance out of the trunk of a car when he began his career. Well, all we can say is that some really great things come out of the trunks of cars!

Chip’s career and PSA Financial Services growth is the stuff of legends. Recently, PSA achieved membership in the elite  “Top 100 Insurance Brokers” club in the United States. And, PSA’s full-service offerings extend way beyond insurance. 

The PSA Mission Statement is one we use often at CEOIQ….as a rare example of how to do it right!

“Dedicated to growing and protecting the assets of our Clients”
You’ll notice that it does not say anything about the ‘what’ of the organization. And, it says everything about why PSA is so successful.

Chip has grown PSA both organically and through a continuing series of mergers and acquisitions. He’s the epitome of the saying that a ‘good hunter is always hunting’, because he’s constantly looking for new opportunities to grow PSA, whatever the market or economic conditions…and he’s proven to be a master of the game. The video at the top of the page is one they did to welcome a recently acquired office and accelerate the process of getting new customers onboard at PSA.

This next video profiles the PSA Partnership Program…it is a dream that Chip actualized…providing a regular venue for learning and networking, that features nationally known speakers, by leveraging relationships, facilities and the energy of the PSA organization!

Automotive Training Institute


Chris “Chubby” Frederick, Founder…CEO…Chief Coaching Officer…and Chief Culture Officer of Automotive Training Institute is the quintessential American Entrepreneur!

He’s started several companies and is known throughout the automotive repair industry in North America for helping everyone involved be more successful. When you walk into ATI, you can’t help but be energized by the place. On any given day, it’s packed with independent repair shop owners from around the country learning how to run their business more effectively. And, Chubby’s coaching team is everywhere, wearing their headsets, talking to shop owners and working with them to build better businesses.

Chris knows the importance…the critical difference…that a strong culture makes in any organization. That’s why he emphasizes culture so much at ATI!

Carroll Independent Fuel Company


Carroll Fuel is one of the great Mid-Atlantic Region family owned business success stories of the last century or so…yep, that’s right, this 100 year old company has successfully transitioned through 3 generations of family ownership, reinventing itself several times along the way!

Starting out as a coal company, the current Phelps family owners tell great stories of how their fathers (second generation owners) had them work the coal trucks, learning the business, literally, from the ground up. A tour through corporate headquarters in Baltimore is an opportunity to walk through the history of the city and the region. John Phelps, current CEO and his operating partners, brother Howard and cousin Rick Phelps have guided this energetic family enterprise to a ‘whole new level of the game’…one their fathers could not have imagined when they turned the business over to ‘the boys’.

Carroll Independent Fuel today is in a number of businesses including gasoline distribution and retailing, commercial motor fuels, home heating oil, home HVAC services. The recent acquisition of High’s of Baltimore adds convenience stores to the Carroll family of businesses and is a tribute to the ability to change, evolve, grow…regardless of economic conditions, regulatory constraints or constantly changing market environments.