Executive Coaching and Peer Advisory Groups

Want the opportunity to work with Ben Griffin, founder of CEOIQ, in-person? Ben has been an Executive Coach and CEO Peer Advisory Group advisor for over a decade. With a wealth of entrepreneurial and corporate experience Ben has seen it all – and he has the stories to prove it.

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Interested in joining a CEO Peer Advisory Group and having a REAL conversation with other CEOs just like you?

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What’s Your Leadership IQ?

Do you have a plan in place to achieve sustainable growth in the future? Are you prepared to take advantage of new ideas? Do you put your businesses’ vision and mission into actionable form? Ben can help any organization reach their next level of success by helping business owners and executive teams build their leadership IQ. With experienced Ben guiding you, you will arrive with a clear picture of where your business, and you, are going.

There are two types of Coaching memberships available through CEOIQ for CEO’s and senior executives:


The One-to-One membership allows clients to deal directly with Ben, giving them access to his expertise on increasing profits, strengthening their leadership skills and maximizing their own personal and professional potential. The client will engage in a relationship set-up and assessment suite, take part in monthly 90-minute coaching sessions and 45-minute check in sessions, utilizing video communication to foster a personalized and empowering relationship. A minimum six month commitment is necessary, and gives the client access to all Premium Membership level content on the CEOIQ website.

Peer Advisory Groups for CEOs

In this membership package, clients are provided with advice and knowledge from other CEOs willing to impart their experiences in an environment of personal growth and professional advancement. Clients will take part in monthly in-person peer advisory group meetings, six Resource Speaker meetings focused on various themes, and monthly executive coaching programs (90-120 minutes long) conducted virtually and in-person. Clients must apply for the membership, and will be accepted based on their qualifications.