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This is where you meet our team. Take a take a look at bios, photos, and videos that tell you about CEOIQ Players.  This virtual gathering of eagles is growing all the time.  Check back to see who we have added that can help you expand your thinking, grow your business and connect potential – people – profit more effectively through your CEOIQ Membership.

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Carol Coughlin

Growth Guru

Carol Coughlin lives for the type of challenges that require determination, strategic brain power and the courage to sit in the hot seat, as well as venture into new opportunities. It is her passion for tough problems and growing companies that led Carol to leave her work as a CFO with large corporations and form Bottom Line Growth Strategies, Inc., an executive financial advisory company serving organizations and entrepreneurs that want to realize increased growth and profitability. Carol brings to her entrepreneurial clients hands-on experience in the trenches and a proven track record of realizing untapped potential. Most importantly, she brings the big-picture perspective and big-player mindset that small to mid-sized companies need in order to grow beyond expectations.

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Colleen McKenna

Social Media and Marketing Genius

Colleen McKenna, is the principal of Intero Advisory, LLC, a firm specializing in more strategically aligning marketing + sales strategies to drive greater results. Colleen’s marketing and sales experience in media, print services and custom content serve as the backdrop for understanding how standing still never gets you far. With over twenty years in marketing + sales in the Baltimore/DC area Colleen has worked with and for start-ups to market leaders like Xerox, Consolidated Graphics and Carefirst. Her passion and enthusiasm for showing leaders in all types of organizations how they can forge the chaos of social media into effective branding, marketing and business development tools is evident is every video segment she does.

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Gair Maxwell

The Branding Provocateur

Described as a shock stick of energy and a mind-bending idea generator, this author, branding expert, and entrepreneur speaks at many national and international conferences, focusing on building brands that stick. Combining humor, multi-media and in-the-trenches experience, Gair has shown hundreds of CEO’s how to obtain more mileage from their marketing dollar by creating their own iconic brands; in effect becoming the “Apple” or “Starbucks” of their specific market or category. As a CEOIQ Contributor, Gair takes us down The Branding Highway… if you’re a Member, you can start your journey here… if you aren’t, you can join today and start learning from this extraordinary Branding Provocateur!

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Joe Mechlinski

Revenue Recruiter

Joe Mechlinski is the co-founder and president of entreQuest, Inc., a company that sources growth and increases revenue for small-to-midsized businesses. Joe has specialized in working with high growth companies and their sales teams throughout the country for more than eleven years. Prior to entreQuest, Joe co-founded a lead generation company, a sales and marketing firm, and an entrepreneurial development company that grew rapidly to a team of more than 150 employees in three years. Joe was a member of the National Speakers Association and the Greater Baltimore Committee’s 2007 LEADERship program. He graduated from The Johns Hopkins University with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Joe Mechlinski is a frequent CEOIQ Contributor who focuses Leadership and Sales topics in our Community.

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Mary J.Lore

The Thought Leader

Mary J. Lore created Managing Thought, LLC, to support individuals and organizations develop self-awareness and change the way they think in order to attain long-lasting success. She is an internationally recognized thought leader, multiple award-winning author, executive coach, and mentor to CEO’s and Senior Executives.

Mary’s work is worldwide; she is endorsed by corporate leaders, educators, K-12, college professors, psychology professionals, spiritual teachers, and life coaches. Her background in business start-ups, crisis management, business turnarounds, and entrepreneurship gives Mary the unique ability to apply thought management to corporate culture, leadership, vision and strategy, creativity, communication, team building, motivation, and profitability.

Her book “Managing Thought: Think Differently. Think Powerfully. Achieve New Levels of Success” and audio book “Managing Thought: How Do Your Thoughts Rule Your World?“® have received six best book awards in various categories including business motivation, conscious business and leadership, and enlightenment and self-help. Previous winners of the most recent award include the Thich Nhat Hanh, Eckhart Tolle, and the Dalai Lama.

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Rhett Murphy

Creative Mind

Rhett Murphy of RedWhoosh Productions in Baltimore is the creative genius behind the camera for CEOIQ. Rhett is our videographer, producer and editor who adds so much value to the video content for our Members. Rhett Murphy is a principal, producer, and editor for RedWhoosh Productions, a Baltimore-based video production and postproduction company specializing in video production for the web. A screenwriter for more than fifteen years, Rhett has also worked for a multi-billion dollar publisher and an investor-funded Internet startup. Rhett’s passion for story development and technology led to a foray into non-linear digital video editing, where he became an Apple Certified Pro Editor. After realizing that market demand was for complete video production services, Rhett immersed himself in the new field of HDSLR videography. It would be a lifelong passion for story and a newly found passion for production and postproduction that would lead Rhett to start RedWhoosh Productions.

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Sara King

The HR Authority

Sara King has worked as a human resources executive/professional for over 20 years. Sara’s strengths lie in her ability to partner with CEO’s, understanding their business initiatives and how to couple business needs with human capital. Her areas of expertise include: strategic hiring and recruiting, organizational development, management by objectives design and implementation, mergers and acquisitions, and training design and development.

She holds a masters degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has worked in a human resources leadership capacity in a corporate environment for 20+ years. She is now working as a management consultant assisting companies reach their full potential.

Sara King is the go to resource for CEOIQ Members implementing programs to maximize their human capital potential. She’s also busy developing two new programs for CEOIQ with Founder, Ben Griffin – Challenging Conversations and Interview Skills for Leaders, Managers and Supervisors.