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CEOIQ is a comprehensive online and real-world ecosystem for entrepreneurs, CEOs and executive level leaders to grow their skills in the areas of strategic planning, management by objectives, key performance indicators and team alignment. Our unique program allows you to develop the skills you need, on your own time, and on your own terms. The brainchild of Ben Griffin, a successful and dynamic executive coach and peer advisory chair, CEOIQ is dedicated to giving its clients the tools they need to realize their full potential.

Ben has taken the leadership workshops and seminars he has developed over the past decades and adapted them to create a one-of-a-kind leadership program on the web. The aim of this virtual world is to help enhance a variety of skill sets and maximize members’ potential to be great leaders. CEOIQ employs a wide range of interactive resources designed to challenge and improve strategic thinking and leadership skills.


Ever wish that a resource existed where you could communicate with other leaders in real-time and discuss challenges as they present themselves? In addition to a wealth of learning opportunities, CEOIQ also offers a convenient portal for business executives to bounce ideas off each other and ultimately, make better decisions.


The great thing about CEOIQ is that clients don’t have to be cooped up in a fancy hotel for a two-day workshop with other business leaders to gain exposure to cutting edge business developments and networking opportunities. Rather, as a member of CEOIQ, members’ busy schedules are accommodated, and learning and connecting happens when it’s right for you.  The online ecosystem and community environment is designed to fit the needs of the traditional business owner or top-level executive. The virtual platform offers real-world ways to develop “leadership bandwidth”, which will help get you and your team thinking strategically and achieving better business results. Through a variety of tools and resources, CEOIQ will make members better leaders.


  • Leadership Laboratories – Through a collection of expertly developed videos, members can work through the curriculum at their own pace and in their own environment.
  • Fireside Chats – We bring interesting people, subject matter experts, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs from all walks of life, into our studio to share their best thinking and the keys to their success.
  • CEOIQ Calculators – Utilize our financial calculators to get a clear picture at your business’s top and bottom line performance. We offer tools to calculate ratios, profit margins, debt, and much more.
  • CEOIQ Contributors – Our CEOIQ Contributors each represent an area of expertise related to leadership development, and utilize strategic insight coupled with real-world examples to educate our members.
  • Assessments and Diagnostics – Our custom created assessments and diagnostics will help any business owner or executive make sense of their business, identify areas for growth, and help to develop action plans to achieve your goals.
  • Member Forum – The member forum allows all Premium CEOIQ members to engage in conversation, pose questions, and provide guidance. It may be lonely at the top, but it’s not on CEOIQ!

Every business wants to grow and increase their revenue. CEOIQ is designed to give you the right tools to meet your specific company objectives and tailor your learning program to your specific personal and professional needs. Members have access to a host of resources that include in-depth programs, interactive tools, diagnostics, and analytics for business leaders. 

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